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Wendy’s Journey

Years of illness and a cancer diagnosis force you to re-evaluate your life and discover what really matters: your health

I’m Wendy, a qualified Naturopath and Metabolic Balance practitioner. In 2007, I received a diagnosis no one wants: breast cancer.

I was already struggling with chronic health problems including weight issues and an autoimmune thyroid disease. But it was being diagnosed with cancer that forced me to re-evaluate my life. Not to help me fit into a dress size or breathe easier in a gym class. This was bigger than a New Year’s eve resolution you make after a few glasses of bubbly.

Fast forward to 2009, I had completed my cancer treatment and spent years learning how to heal and enhance my health naturally. To further my knowledge and share it with others, I embarked on a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and went on to build the clinical practice, Sage & Ginger. And I can honestly say, I have not looked back.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that there is no finish line when optimising your health and well-being. It’s a journey and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m still a work in progress; building on my health day by day, bite by bite.

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My personal experience with chronic disease and healing towards health is your gain. Additionally my experience of early menopause due to the effects of my cancer treatment has lead me have a deep desire to help other women transition positively through their menopause years.

Perimenopause can be extremely challenging for some women and it is my passion to guide you with a personalised solution so you can master your menopause symptoms.

As a natural health practitioner with an innate understanding of feeling like you are living in a stranger’s body, I am well placed to help you reclaim your life!

I take a holistic, personalised approach to your health

Wouldn’t it be nice if health came in a bottle? If there was a magic pill that worked for everyone ending your weight woes, boosting your energy, improving your sleep and minimising your pain?

What I have learnt from my own health journey and clinical experience at Sage & Ginger is there isn’t a magic pill or diet and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t provide lasting results.

Regardless of your goals, holistic personalised support is the answer for optimising your wellbeing and mastering your menopause symptoms.

Providing that for you is our mission at Sage & Ginger.

As a degree qualified Naturopath, I combine evidence-based research, traditional herbal knowledge and nutrition to provide you with supportive, holistic healthcare. Rather than supply you with a band-aid for your symptoms or a quick 2 week challenge, I work with you to discover the underlying cause and the triggers of your perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

I take the time to listen and understand your complaints. I explain, without judgement or complicated language, what is causing and driving your perimenopause symptoms. Together, we create an actionable, considered plan that leads you closer to achieving a resolution of your symptoms so you can feel healthy and full of energy. One that’s reflective of where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Personalised approach to your health
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Read what happy clients have to say…

When I first went to see Wendy, I was only sure that I needed to improve my overall health and well-being.
Wendy was very thorough in her assessment and devised a plan forward for me.
Introducing me to Metabolic Balance was a game changer, and her ongoing support of me through the program has been wonderful.
For anyone seeking to improve their health/change their habits/lose weight/gain energy,
I’d highly recommend Wendy at Sage and Ginger and the Metabolic Balance program. It’s a program for life!


I am feeling well and physically feel 10 years younger!


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Holistic Healthcare

I empower you to use “Food as Medicine” and develop an understanding of how to nourish your whole body, including mind and spirit.

Honest Caring Naturopath

Having lived with chronic disease, I know what it feels like to be faced with health challenges and the courage it takes to start the journey to overcome them.

Committed to Excellence

I am committed to providing you with evidence-based healthcare that supports you to be the best version of yourself and achieve your health aspirations.

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