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Your guide to thriving following breast cancer treatment

Now you have finished active treatment do you feel overwhelmed about your future? Are you stuck in the 'flight, flight or freeze' response? Are you living in fear that the cancer will return? And have you put on extra weight that you just can't shift? Do you feel confident that you are eating correctly to ensure optimal nutrition for your recovery? I know how you feel

Wendy Milligan breast cancer story


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, it obviously came as a shock and whilst my own journey was a relatively easy one I wanted to find out why I got this disease and what I could do to prevent it from recurring. I worked with a couple of Integrative doctors at that time and after some testing it turned out it was a 'perfect storm' waiting to happen.

What interested me was that after treatment ended there was no real information on what I should be doing to recover and repair my body and as it was pre-Facebook, not a lot of support groups.

So, I started researching what nutrition and supplements would be useful, and what kind of exercise I should be doing. In 2009, I decided to do a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy in an attempt to learn more so I could support other women who may also need to know how to recover and repair their bodies following treatment.

Now I help other women feel empowered about their health so they can live with hope and not fear, and while there are no guarantees that the cancer wont return I can teach you how to best support your body with targeted personalised nutrition, appropriate supplementation and a focus on nourishing your mind, body and soul, so you can have a better strategy than just crossing your fingers.

Where do you start? How to move from survivor to thriver!

From my personal experience and from the experience of the clients I work with, the biggest problem when taking back your own health after treatment is 'where do I start?'  

There is so much information out there, overwhelm is often the most common reaction.  What you need is a simple, clear, step-by-step guide to the most important areas to focus on and ways to help yourself in each one.

In the Life After Treatment program, we take out the guesswork so every step you take is deeply beneficial to your health.  

Holistic Post-Treatment Health Appraisal

We take a deep dive into how your body is functioning now, post treatment as well as looking at your health and lifestyle prior to diagnosis. A thorough blood screening is done to determine your personalised nutrition plan.

Creating a Mindset for Lifelong Wellness

     Every aspect of our lives including our health, is affected by our thoughts, you will learn how can we change our thoughts and mindset to offer the best protection against recurrence by establishing healthy habits.

The Power of Nutrition for Long term Wellness

Every body is unique! You will receive a personalised nutrition program to provide the right nutrients for your body. It removes the guesswork and overwhelm of just what to eat for long term health.

Powerful Strategies to keep Stress at Bay

Learn how to manage your stress, improve your sleep and discover why mindfulness is so critical to recovery and repair following breast cancer treatment.

The Importance of Detoxification for Lifetime Wellness

We look at toxins and how to eliminate them from your body and home. You will learn why a healthy liver and lymphatic system is crucial for good health.


Subscription to Naturopathic Yoga

Module on Menopause, how to manage the symptoms

Lymphatic Massage Kit to keep your lymphatic System in top shape.

What's included?

Now includes world-renowned Metabolic Balance® Program proven to reset your metabolism and balance your hormones.

Metabolic Balance Program 

Valued at $2697

The Metabolic Balance® Program is an individualised eating plan that is exactly what your body needs on a daily basis. It is a 4 phase program that begins with a gentle cleanse and a chance for your body to reset and rebalance. Any insulin resistance that you may have will be reset - especially important to really set your body up for long-term good health.

You will be supported throughout the 6 month program via weekly focus sessions via a secure Zoom link and within the private Facebook group where we will come together as a community to support and raise each other.


EXTRA BONUS 1: 6 month Naturopathic Yoga Subscription

The importance of movement should not be underestimated during recovery. This 6-month subscription means that you can incorporate movement into your day even if you don't feel like leaving the house. A self-paced course that is tailored to your level of competency.

Valued at $294.00

EXTRA BONUS 2: LymFatics Kit

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. Lymph contains infection-fighting white blood cells that circulate throughout the body. Part of your immune system, lymph helps protect and maintain fluid balance. As there are no pumps within the lymphatic system it requires you to move your body in order to get the lymph to flow. These ingenious gloves and cream help the process along. Also assists in getting rid of cellulite!

Valued at $85.50

EXTRA BONUS 3: Guide: Managing Menopausal Symptoms Post-Treatment

Following treatment for breast cancer many women will experience the symptoms of menopause - hot flushes, mood swings, vaginal symptoms and changes to sex drive.This easy to read guide will arm you with some simple but effective strategies to manage these symptoms.

Valued at $9.00

How the Life After Treatment Program gets such great results...

Getting Started

A 1:1 Comprehensive holistic health appraisal via a secure Zoom link at the start of the program enables us to get a full understanding of your current state of health. You will be sent for a fasting blood panel that will be used to determine your unique nutrition plan. While you wait for the plan you will be sent a Welcome Pack that will explain in detail the Recover, Repair, Revitalise Plan process and give you some tips on how to get the best out of the program. 

6 months of full support

Weekly Zoom calls you can join from home, a private Facebook community for additional support and 2 further 1:1 Sessions via a secure Zoom link to present your personalised Nutrition Plan and a Review session at the end of the program. 

Motivating and educational modules and handouts are delivered to your inbox throughout the program to keep you on track.

After the program you will invited to join a Membership portal for ongoing support. Keeping you accountable and connected ensures long-term success!

Metabolic Balance App

Metabolic Balance App

Keeping healthy and sticking to your personalised plan when you're on the go is where most people struggle. The Metabolic Balance App makes sure all your food choices are accessible anytime, anywhere, so you can stay on track easily even on busy days.  

The Life After Treatment Program is by application ONLY

Your care needs to be unique; that's why all requests to join this program begin with a complementary Discovery Call with Life After Treatment founder and Naturopath, Wendy Milligan.

Please add your details below to receive Wendy's first stage of your assessment and she can begin to work out exactly how to get you from surviving to thriving: 

I know how you feel!

I'm Wendy, and I'm a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and certified Metabolic Balance® practitioner.  I’ve struggled with my weight and hormones since my 30’s, and even though I’ve been qualified for many years, I still found the weight crept on despite eating a healthy diet and having a Personal Trainer. After my breast cancer diagnosis I wanted to make sure I was being proactive with my health to give myself the best chance of avoiding recurrence.

Over the years I have noticed many of my clients have experienced overwhelm and anxiety around trying to get healthy after their cancer treatment, so I set about writing a program that was sustainable and provided a way for me to personalise their nutrition, and provide a structured pathway so they could regain their vitality. The Nutrition Plan that I recommend and forms the basis of the 'Life After Treatment Program' is Metabolic Balance®, a plan designed and refined for over 20 years by doctors and nutritionists in Germany. This program provides a way to reset your metabolism and hormones and provides an eating plan for life.

I feel confident that this is the plan for recovery and repair and together with modules on how the body works, habits, mindset and movement you will be setting yourself up to be balanced and healthy for your future. Being proactive with our health is something that I am passionate about - no more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best!

Wendy Milligan Metabolic Balance Program


Will this Program ensure my cancer wont come back?

There are no guarantees unfortunately, but by being proactive with regards to your health you set yourself up to feel amazing by using personalised nutrition to balance your body and hormones. Techniques and strategies are provided to help you cope with the stress and feelings of overwhelm that are prevalent at this stage of your journey. Many women are just left to get on with life following their treatment, with this program you will be given support to help you move forward and a supportive community to be your personal cheer squad.

Why is addressing 'Mindset' important?

Cancer is a multifaceted disease - that means there is no one cause. So treatment and recovery must also be multifaceted. With every aspect of our health affected by our thoughts we need to make sure our thoughts and mindset are positive to prevent recurrence. Unfortunately a cancer diagnosis and ensuing treatment is often not enough of a motivator long term to prevent recurrence and we slide back into our comfort zone. Healthy habits must become a way of life. This is why you are provided with ways to establish healthy daily habits, movement and ways to deal with your emotions and external stressors so you can feel great and get the most out of life.

What happens after the 6 months program is complete?

The support does not stop here! You will be invited to become a member of the 'Life After Treatment Community' membership portal where you will continue to have access to the weekly live calls and the Private Facebook Group. A small monthly fee is charged for this. 

Additionally you can remain a lifetime member of the Facebook group for free.

What if I cant make the weekly calls?

The calls take place via a secure Zoom link each week, unfortunately we cannot record these sessions due to potentially private health information being discussed. If you have any concerns or questions at other times you are welcome to post in the private Facebook group. Here you will be supported by an amazing community who 'get you'. A place to learn, vent, feel heard and loved. Sometimes it is the time after the treatment ends that can be the loneliest. For health concerns outside the scope of the program you are welcome to book in for a consult with Wendy via the Clinic booking system on the website.

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