Atkins, ketogenic diet, WW, DASH… If you’re trying to lose weight, we’re tipping you’re familiar with these names. These are just some of the trending diets that claim to be the solution to your weightloss woes.

You may have even heard Metabolic Balance® being spoken about for its weight loss benefits. As a Metabolic Balance® certified practitioner, this personalised nutrition program is my preferred choice for optimising your health, weight loss and beyond!

But is it just another diet to add to the lengthy list? We’ll share with you our thoughts on the reasons Metabolic Balance® stands out compared to some of the trending diets and why we offer it at Sage & Ginger.

Individualised Nutrition
Let’s start with one of the key differences between trending diets you’ll see in tabloid magazines and Instagram feeds and the Metabolic Balance® program.

Metabolic Balance® is an individualised nutrition program that is tailored to you. In fact, no two plans I provide my clients are the same. Unlike a standard diet, such as the low carbohydrate diet, Metabolic Balance® takes into account many factors when creating a plan to meet your health

Blood analysis is conducted to assess your hormone balance, liver function and thyroid levels. 36 blood values are used to create a personalised nutrition plan and help determine nutrient deficiencies or excesses, as well as, underlying health issues. You won’t find this level of detail in any of the trending diets.

In addition to this, your past and current health challenges, medications, allergies, stress levels, digestive function, food preferences are all taken into consideration.

Is this really important for weight loss?
By assessing your individual make-up, we can determine the nutrients your body requires and, just importantly, those it doesn’t. We’ll know which type and how much protein, carbohydrates and fats you should be eating.

By eating for your body’s requirements, you won’t be overeating and you certainly won’t feel deprived or hungry. We’re focusing on what your body needs rather than what you can’t have. The individualised nature of Metabolic Balance® has been found to improve compliance and resulted in lasting weight loss. It simply takes the confusion out of eating.

A staged process
Unlike many diets, the Metabolic Balance® program is structured in phases to help prepare your body and support it during this time of change. Lack of effective preparation is often the reason many dieters fall off the wagon and can’t sustain the program.

The phases of the Metabolic Balance® program have been developed based on over 25 years of research into how the body adapts and responds to nutrition therapy.

They are an important aspect in optimising your metabolism and achieving hormone balance, and in turn, helping you lose weight.

No demonising of foods
Many fad diets demonise foods or food groups. The ketogenic diet, for example, severely restricts your carbohydrate intake. The Paleo diet prohibits dairy, gluten and limits beans and grains.

The Metabolic Balance® Program focuses on real, whole foods that are suitable for you. The plans incorporate all food groups with an emphasis on eating natural foods that are locally produced or sustainably sourced.

An important aspect of the Metabolic Balance® Program is focusing on swapping processed foods for foods of a high nutritional value, as well as getting the timing and portion of these foods right for your body’s needs.

Shakes and bars are out
No need to purchase expensive meal replacement shakes, juices and “health” bars that taste like cardboard. Metabolic Balance® does not rely on processed snacks or diet foods to help you lose weight.

You also won’t be required to buy expensive and poor quality diet branded supplements. We’re focusing on real food.

That being said, as a naturopath, I am looking to optimise your health in addition to encouraging weight loss. This may be helping to enhance your digestive function, improve your energy, support your liver’s ability to detoxify or reduce your pain. Individually tailored, nutritional or herbal supplements in this case can be beneficial.

It’s not just a diet plan